An Analysis of DRUG Manufacturing in North Korea and Smuggling in South Korea

By. Namseol Baek Views. 1754


Purpose: North Korea's drug production and trafficking have the longest history of illegal activities by the North Korean authorities as a means of earning foreign currency. In the 1990s, scientists smuggled large quantities of drugs from North Korea's Suncheon and Pyeongseong pharmaceutical plants to China. Drug manufacturing and trafficking in North Korea is a well-known public fact. Drugs from North Korea are being smuggled into South Korea through China through various methods. The purpose of the study is to block the entry of North Korean drugs into South Korea.

Method: Define the concept of drugs and methamphetamine, look at the background of North Korea's trafficking, the status of smuggling to the world, the production and distribution of drugs in North Korea are handled at the national level, and analyze how they are smuggled into South Korea.

Results: Drugs have been manufactured in the mountains of North Korea, which are hard to find outside, and are flowing into South Korea through China. Smuggling methods are highly intelligent, mainly using diplomatic bags, hidden in other goods of merchants, etc. Drugs in circulation are in large quantities and are understood to be in circulation at various stages.

Conclusion: The reason why North Korea produces, manufactures and trafficks drugs is to cover insufficient foreign currency and use it as a cost of maintaining the regime. It is necessary to strengthen cooperation between South Korea and neighboring countries to prevent smuggling of North Korean drugs into South Korea, expand the international drug crime investigation organization, and strengthen investigation capabilities.

[Keywords] North Korea, Drugs, Methamphetamine, Drug Manufacturing, Drug Trafficking


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